Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

FRIENDS.....never need words................

Friendship is not just the relation between two people...its the understanding or a bond between them which binds them together. Life doesn't remain the same .Priorities in life changes according to the circumstances & the way life takes shape.It doesn't mean that some friends become less important or so.Its the responsibilities & commitment in one's life that makes the other feel this way.

Friends are always there when one needs them.One should not make his own set of beliefs that he is not important for his friends.It slowly makes him apart from them. Believe on whom you call friends.Make this circle so large that one never feel alone and life will be beautiful as always.

Friends are those on whom you can rely upon and can share all that you feel. Talk to them when you wish to and clear the misunderstandings if you have any...Just share ........there is no other solution to any problem...............
take care