Monday, June 16, 2008

Do we get what we deserve or its otherwise??

Do we get what we deserve or what we get is what we deserve.....Both seems to be the same thing but its not .Many of us must have got fortune or curse that one had not expected.People start believing that it is the fate which governs this.But it is we only who play a major role.Whatever we desire comes to us if we remain focussed and always remind ourselves that we have to get this.Our subconscious mind starts behaving like we have the thing we desire and indeed it comes true in future.May be it can take time for one to achieve that goal but it certainly reaches to you when the positive energy start coming towards you.This positive energy is nothing but our own mindset which constantly make our subconscious mind to work.This positive energy comes to you when u release all the negative thoughts and purify your heart with only good which are necessary for the goal..
So if we dont get what we desire till now then its not the matter to worry because everyone got what he deserves and he deserves what he desire.........

Archish Gupta

Uncontrollable Emotions!!!

If you are not able to control your emotions then is it a sign of weakness?Its a question whose answer i am trying to find out for so many years.I want to control my sentiments but not able to avoid them.Whenever any misunderstanding happens with my friend then i get emotionally disturbed and when it is resolved then i am not able to control my emotions which results in to tears.....this is something which i am not able to avoid.many people say that it is a sign of weakness and people make fun of it afterwards and it also may hurt u professionally.

But i think that deze tears donot signify your weakness.May be i am not correct.But i never shed tears when i loose an opportunity or i donot get success.It rather makes me more hard and determined to achieve better than that and i take it as a challenges of life.

Friends are the ones on whom u can rely upon and can share ur secrets with them.So Crying in front of them when any misunderstanding disappears a sign of weakness??The answer to this question is very hard for me to find out.What do u think about it??Is this the human psycology which makes one to do so????Is this reflects a pure hearted nature or a reflects weakness in you??????????